Need to Create a Website? We got your back.

Created by Julius Valeza

JIM will DO everything for you.


So you want to create your own website, or you just really need it because your teacher in ICT told you to do so. Worry no more, you don’t have to open your web publishing softwares and put those knotty and convoluted tags and codes. I know a friend who can help you, his name is JIM and he will DO everything for you, in creating your own website.

JIMDO is an online web publishing platform where you can create your own website in a fun and easy way. In creating your website here, What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).

JIMDO is very easy to use, once you got there, you just have to sign up to create an account. And creating an account in JIMDO is very easy, you can even do it in one click, you can sign up with either of your Facebook or Google account.2018-08-18-2.png

Once you created your account, you’ll be directed in to your dashboard.2018-08-18-4.png

In the dashboard you’ll see all the websites you have created. You can also connect a website if you already have an existing website.

In creating a new website, just click “Create a new website” button or you can also click the plus sign inside the blank white rectangular space.

Once you create a new website, you’ll be asked on what kind of website would you like to create. You can choose from Website, Store or Blog. In our case, we will be creating a website we will click on “Create a website”.2018-08-18 (5)

JIMDO offers two different ways to create your perfect website—Creator and Dolphin. Choose the one that’s right for you, and see how easy it is to get the website you’ve always wanted, without any programming.2018-08-18 (6)

In JIMDO DOLPHIN, JIMDO will literally do all the work for you, you just have to answer few questions so that the website the AI will create will match your preferences.


2018-08-18 (7)

After answering few questions, it will generate a website. Here’s an example of a website I made using JIMDO DOLPHIN.2018-08-18 (9).png


2018-08-18-11.pngYou can still edit and customize the generated website by JIMDO DOLPHIN.

However if you want to do it yourself and be more creative in making your website, then use JIMDO CREATOR. 2018-08-18-61.png

You’ll be asked on what kind of website you would like to create. If you’re not sure yet on what kind of website you’re going to create, you can choose “Not sure yet” or simply you can skip this step.2018-08-18-12.png

You can choose from their free templates;2018-08-18-13.png

Or if you want to fully customize your website, then start with a blank template.2018-08-18-16-e1534557662472.png

Once you selected a template, you’ll be asked if you want an annual billing. The best thing about here, is that you can use and create website with JIMDO for FREE! Now, if you’re a young, dumb and broke high school kid like, then just choose FREE!2018-08-18-17.png

You still can use all the features of JIMDO, however, you can get a lot more features with the paid subscription. But anyways, thanks JIMDO for that free subscription.


After that, you can now enter and create your domain.2018-08-18-18.png
A paid subscription will let you choose and customize your domain. But in our case, we’ll just use the free one.

Once you have your domain, you can now edit and customize your website. I’ll leave it to you here, for you can be as creative as you want. Here’s an example of the website I made using JIMDO CREATOR.2018-08-18-19.png

2018-08-18 (22)

You can thank me late. K. bye.




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